Galvin Communications’ full suite of quality communications services ranges from specific project support to the development of effective communications resources and infrastructure

Strategic Communications

Are you playing to win … or playing not to lose?

In today’s fast-changing and fiercely competitive world, there is no room for complacency. Whatever the resources at your disposal, reputations can be won or lost with a single tweet or headline.

Whether you’re a start-up or multinational, a chief executive or a front-line communications professional, you need to ensure that your story is credible, consistent and compelling.

I will review your messaging, content and delivery, working with you to develop the most appropriate and effective strategy for your organisation.

Media Relations

Comment may be free, but are the facts still sacred?

Technologies may have changed. The fundamentals of media relations have not.

  • Knowing what is news and what isn’t.

  • Cultivating relationships with the right journalists and media influencers.

  • Accepting that the media is neither your enemy nor your friend.

Drawing on decades at the media and PR frontline, I will help you cut through the white noise to make sure your story is received and understood by the people who matter most to you and your business.

Employee Engagement

Are they listening to you? Are you listening to them?

Establishing honest, credible and effective communications with your workforce should be the starting point for any communications strategy.

Yet organisations often find this the most challenging.

Properly crafted as part of an integrated management approach, internal communications should inform, inspire and motivate employees. Badly handled, they can breed indifference and cynicism.

I will work with you to create an effective employee engagement strategy that supports your objectives and turns disinterested bystanders into enthusiastic ambassadors for your business.


Crisis Preparedness, Training & Response

Now where did I put that crisis manual?

Effective emergency or crisis preparedness in today’s increasingly fragmented yet interconnected world is, more than anything else, an attitude of mind.

Operational responses to predictable events can be hardwired in any organisation. Dealing with unexpected situations and reputational issues, however, requires a new way of thinking, anticipating and preparing.

A veteran of countless real-life organisational emergencies and crises, I will transform your crisis preparedness into a continual, integrated process that will benefit your business and safeguard your reputation.  

Editorial Services

Are you doing the write things wrong?

Good writing – clear, concise, compelling – is increasingly hard to find in the corporate world.

Today many still struggle to master what was once a core communications skill.

Small wonder that the often leaden, uninspired and jargon-heavy corporate prose of today is met with mute incomprehension if not downright ridicule and scorn.

I can help find your voice and make it heard, whether in a keynote speech or an annual report.


Media & Presentation Training

“I’m very glad you asked me that question . . .”

Public speaking and media appearances should be an essential part of any executive skillset. Yet many struggle for authenticity when in front of a camera or presenting from a podium.

Most corporate media and presentation training today is off-the-shelf and out-of-date, churning out legions of ‘polished’ performers with zero credibility. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Working with your personal communications style, Galvin Communications’ bespoke one-to-one media and presentation training will enable you to get your message across clearly and effectively.


Senior Executive Support

Tell me what I need to know, not what you think I want to hear!”

A senior executive’s decision-making depends greatly on the quality of advice and support they receive. This is especially the case in communications, so often the catalyst for major judgement calls on the future direction of a business.

When the world is watching and waiting on your every move, a fresh perspective can make all the difference.

I offer decades of experience advising business leaders and their teams, providing expert coaching and counselling on your communications challenges.


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